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If you have finally managed to score a date with that guy or girl that you have been admiring for some time, you will want to make a good impression. You don’t want to turn up to the first, second, third or any subsequent dates and make a fool out of yourself so to ensure that you don’t, there are some all-important dating rules that you should put into practice.


Try not to get drunk when you are dating. You are likely to say or do something ridiculous and the chances are you won’t get that call back that you want. This is not a good look for either a guy or a girl so if you do feel yourself getting a bit tipsy after a couple of glasses of wine, have a soft drink and sober up. Tipsy is good, blind drunk is not!


Personal dating safety is something that you should make sure of when you go on dates especially with people you don’t know that well and more so if it is a blind date set up by friends, relatives or work colleagues. Make sure that you have your phone with you at all times and that it is fully charged up and also make sure that people know where you are and what time you should be home. By doing this, if anything bad happens someone will know and take action.


Sex on a first date is something that causes quite a stir – some people think it is OK and some people don’t. If you really like the person that you are on the date with, there is nothing wrong with making them wait to get you into bed and if you feel pressured into going home with them, this relationship is more than likely not going to work. By putting off this key moment in a relationship, you are earning respect and also making sure that you actually like each other before you turn a casual date into a relationship based on sex.

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