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None of us knows when and where he can meet his fate. And this concerns not only unexpected and successful job, interesting people but also a private life. If you ask different people how they had got acquainted with their boy- or girl-friend, you are surely to hear more than one hundred answers. You may have a perfect life that suits you but one day you meet a person and it changes everything. I can say it according to my own experience. And soon you can not imagine what could happen if you had not met that man.

Datings may be different: unforeseen or banal. In the first case you are not planning something, everything goes itself. And it is the most interesting, in my opinion, because you never know what expects you. And in the second case you have a date with a person and usually go to:
1) a restaurant
2) the cinema
3) the theatre or something else as banal as the already noted.

Of course the choice of place depends on the financial prosperity, but these are the most wide-spread variants. It is seldom, when a man looks for unusual places for a dating. Especially, if they are not together for a long time. As a rule, it happens on some special datings, for a example, their anniversary.
So, you look at this man and try to guess how everything will go on. That is not so exiting, but it is usual in real life. Only in films you can see that two married as the result of fantastic circumstances. It is great to watch it on TV, but when it concerns you, you rarely do something crazy. If always believe in fairy-tales, that shows us the Television, you can be disappointed soon. Of course, all must choose themselves what to do: to set a dating with an interesting person or to wait for a Mister Accident that will bring your Fait to your house. Yes, there are many cases when it happened, but how you can be sure, that it will happen to you? It is better not to sit, even if your Fait will come soon. We have only one life and you’d better to have as much good as you can get for you.

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